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Originally Posted by fishycomics View Post
Never paid attention to that after they passe the laws of piracy, limitations. of file record size.

loss between is known on some cams and not others.. think that is why the Zi8 is the Better
Hadn't thought of anti-piracy.

However the Zi8 does have a max file size limit too - at least on mine with firmware version 1.06 -
- it's ~2GB for 720p/30fps - from Post #1299 (link) in the Zi8 thread -
On my tests I got about 1hr 38mins on a full charge of the battery and at 720p/30fps I ended up with two files one at 2Gb (for 1hr 34mins) and the other at about 86Mb - so there is a limit of 2Gb file-size (due to I think the FAT32 format of the SDHC card) and for me the rate was just over 21Mb/minute.
Over the tests I have found on average the Zi8 using 720p 30fps uses about 22.5Mb/min - the single file limit is still 2Gb for just over 1h 30m - any additional video beyond the 2Gb is another file.

Although it is a limit - I do not find it too limiting - since I (still) photograph a lot of music - and tend to just use the Zi8 for short clips.

If I did decide to video - the worst case/longest scenario would be a full set - and that is normally 1 hour - so neither the single file size nor battery limit would be hit.

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