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Hey John, nice to see a post from you.
I'll try to give some CC.

As for the creativeness, You've got that part down. I actually get ideas from your post.

The harsh light always is tough to shoot in and I know no matter how much you try to balance things out it always could have been a little better. So with that said here's how I see them.

1. Very good. The white background is a little distracting with the white dress.
2. Very good. Highlights on the curtain are a little distracting (maybe burn a little).
3. Nice pose and setting. The background is a little busy, a larger aperture setting maybe?
4. The same as 3.
5. Looks nice.
6. Background is too bright.
7. Perfect
8. Foreground looks too bright.
9. My favorite, 10 and 11 perfect
12. Background is distracting. It's not straight with the rest of the shot and very busy.

Don't mean to be too critical Mark, just giving CC. Hope this helps.
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