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I don't think you can go wrong with a E-PL1 w/ the 14-42mm lens (which is equal to a 28-84mm because the Pen has a 2X crop). That combination will work very well for most situations, the only thing you may not be completely satisfied with is it's macro ability. You can always pick up a macro lens if that's the case.

I think the E-PL1 is the best deal I've found, and I am very happy with my camera. I also have the 14-42mm lens, but I use manual focus, legacy lenses more than I do the kit lens.

I also think the Olympus XZ-1 would be another good camera for you if you don't want to deal with changing lenses. I also have a Olympus SZ-12 that I like, it has a nice sized grip for a compact, and has 24X zoom, but I'd probably buy the SZ-31 MR if I were doing it again.
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