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Originally Posted by D B Cooper View Post
I really like the second shot with the bird extending one wing, presumably to balance the reach for the crabapple almost out of reach. I'm guessing that moment didn't last long.
Yeah d b this was one of my favorites too for the flash of color down the back as the wing extends, even though the head is not clear the rest makes it still special. Thanks for checking them out!

Originally Posted by Greg Chappell View Post
These are REALLY nice. Great sharpness and contrast.
Thanks Greg this was a holiday gift to have these photogenic visitors in good light. A rare trifecta of light, subject, and presence with the camera, they won't be back till next year and if they had come on Friday when I was at work I would have missed it. I also got this Carolina wren on the feeder another new one for me although the higher iso makes this lesser than the grosbeaks.

PC237755 by ramcewan, on Flickr
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