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Default Help choosing a camera for the wife specific needs :)

HIya guys!

First post, so a warm hello and happy new year to you all

I am trying my hardest to find my wife a "DECENT" camera, she currently has the Sony NEX5, and whilst it seems like a lovely camera, it just isnt doing what she wants it to do, so if I can sort her with a replacement, I can use the NEX5 myself as I only really do noobie photography as I would call it lol

The wife loves wildlfe, loves Cornwall here in the UK, loves going to places like Cornwall which have fantastic scenery and wildlife, but birds nesting in the cliffs are a little hard to photograph from a distance!

Also we have a lovely bird house and feeding station in the Garden, but even from 30ft away, close ups are impossible, she really would like a camera that gets up close and personal if you know what I mean

Auto Focus and anti shaking would be preferable, and I am assuming (im not really into photography as a hobby so don't really know) that I would need a lens capable of zooming in close enough to get the shot, without the image becoming grainy and horrible

One thing that would be nice, decent shots in low light, she has tried once again to take photos of places we've been to on holiday at sunset, and they dont really come out very well shes tried lots of settings, so a camera that performs well in low light conditions would be a bonus

Budget.... dont really have one to be honest, I am not sure as to how much to spend, the saying "you get what you pay for" springs to mind, but I don't want to spend way over the top, so its hard to gauge as to how much is enough

Any thoughts or help on this would be gratefully received, her birthdays in the first week of March, so I have a little time

Thanks guys!!

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