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Default Lens For Weddings etc What to get next


I currently shoot 50% news stuff; 30% weddings and family stuff and 20% family-vacations and grab shots.

I currently have the following lenses
- Pentax (older) 50mm 1.4
- Sigma 18-250 3.5-5.6
- Tamron 28-75mm 2.8

I use the Sigma for news related stuff when things are happening fast and changing lenses would not be practical due to timing etc. I also use this lens for wider wedding shots when the 28mm is not wide enough

the Tamron is my go to wedding lens for the most part and I use the 50mm every once in a while but not that often

What I am after is figuring out what lens or lenses I should get to expand my wedding shooting (and for football and baseball shooting that I do for the newspaper) and to get better wedding shots at longer distances than 75mm.

I don't have a set budget at this time just trying to figure out what route to go to have the best 2 wedding lenses in my bag and maybe use the longer zoom for sports and then figure out how to pay for them. I will be getting a K-5ii in the future and have a K-5 now and would love to have one lens on each (with the most used on the K-5ii).

Also for news stuff I do I find I use the 200mm - 250mm range of the Sigma a lot so I feel I need to keep that in the mix for news; but most of the wedding stuff I shot is between 18mm and 200mm (18-28mm for most of the wide group shots); 50% or more in the 28-75mm) and the rest 80-250mm (200mm-250mm not so much put use it for say 15 shots a wedding)

Thanks in advance for any and all help

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