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Its very sad for us in the UK to see the demise of Jessops but far from surprising. In relation to Steve's news item I think Administration may be similar to the US chapter 11 procedure,the idea being to give the business time to restructure not necessarily leading to insolvency? Sometimes in the UK a rump business might be left with the name if someone will buy the assets.

Jessops has been in trouble ever since it expanded during the initial digital camera boom and then failed to adapt to the changing times.The triple whammy of camera phones,recession and running too many stores paying heavy rents did for it. In connection with the latter it also failed to adapt to internet shopping and I'm as guilty of any in that respect. Over the years more than once I went into a Jessops shop to try out the merchandise and then left and bought on-line. Trouble was the price differential was so much I couldn't ignore it ,at one time I bought a Panasonic Lumix FZ50 and it was 100 cheaper on-line than in Jessops-and I don't mean from eBay.

That said I bought a Panasonic GF3 from there last summer as it was keenly priced so that has cleared my conscience a bit.

However that is the last major camera retail chain in the UK now potentially gone.I doubt many shops will be left and suspect if it survives Jessops may become an Internet presence. The independents are left but I wonder how they will survive long term. Photography specialists are one of countless high street retailers suffering here in the UK.

I would be interested to hear others thoughts on this both UK and elsewhere.What is the retail photography market like in the USA? I read of names like Adorama and B & H photo-are they stores or internet only? Are they suffering similarly to Jessops ?
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