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Here in the USA the neighborhood camera shop is a rare thing. Big cities still have shops but the time when most large towns had one or multiples is going away. Stores like Adorama and B&H Photo maintain brick and mortar shops in the NYC area but I would guess the majority of their business is online. Ritz/Wolfe camera is probably one of the few nationwide chains with franchise locations still in operation, they have certainly seen a huge decrease in franchises such that many states no longer have a presence. Again they seem to be moving to web only model.

Even the big box electronic retailers like Best Buy and formerly Circuit City are having troubles as people increasingly go there to view an item and then go home to order online, either for a lower price or to avoid local sales taxes.

This leaves the majority of in person camera purchases happening at places like Walmart, Sears and Target which are more your general purpose stores. At these stores you only get the kits and rarely find a lens by itself.
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