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Default Sell MiniDv for HDSLR?

I has aspirations of film-making but haven't accomplished much due to lack of equipment, funds, and my crippling perfectionism, etc. I while ago I bought a used Canon XL1 camera after researching prosumer cameras. However, the lack of experience I have and lack of funds means "learning" use of the camera was limited. Its such an old medium at this point that I'm not sure its worth my putting time and money into it or if I should just sell it and then buy a $600-900 SLR camera. I've researched models and like the Canon Rebel series and others. My QUESTION to those with experience with these camera types is, am I throwing away a potentially better camera by giving up on the Mini-DV, or is the usability of the SLR going to help me break through my learner stage and into amateur film-making? Thanks.
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