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I just bought a DiMAGE Z2 about a week ago. Like many of you, I read a lot of reviews before I decided on the Z2. One thing I noted while researching the camera online, was a reviewer who was not very satisfied with the mechanical lcd/viewfinder switch - "...seems to be just another thing thatcan break..." (I don't remember if it was Steve). The list of features and the price, got me convinced that this was the camera for me, however.

Lo and behold, today my viewfinder got stuck! I can only use the top viewfinder. The camera refuses to enable the lcd screen. I have tried everything and I have just e-mailed Minolta with the problem.

The camera is pretty good aside from that. However, it does tend to create some rather pinkish shots, in my opinion. This can be corrected in Photoshop, though.

I'll keep you posted of the status of the viewfinderproblem and Minolta's level of support in this matter.
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