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Originally Posted by ramcewan View Post

On my first read I thought they were making a 30mm f1.4 for MFT and got really excited, but apparently they don't see a need to speed up the existing MFT lenses... wtf sigma?

Anyways it is good to hear the news that Sigma is adding another lens to their MFT offerings with this new 60mm f2.8 which hopefully should be under the $500 price of the Zuiko 60mm offering a lower cost alternative.

It will also be interesting to see what the redesign brings to the 19mm and 30mm both said to be sharp already, really too bad they didn't make them f2.0.

On a related note B&H has a bundle deal on the first version of the Sigma DN lenses, buy the 19mm f2.8 and the 30mm f2.8 for $199.

damn tempting to get in on the close out deal while it lasts.
I wonder if they're just repackaged versions of the "older" lenses. Still, nice to see the 60. If only someone would get the point and gives us a long prime.
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