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Originally Posted by SammyKhalifa View Post
I wonder if they're just repackaged versions of the "older" lenses. Still, nice to see the 60. If only someone would get the point and gives us a long prime.
They have said the new 19 and 30 will be metal bodied instead of plastic bodied. They've also said there will be additional quality control to presumably make the lenses better.

+1 on the long prime

Originally Posted by Greg Chappell View Post
Eventually, if they keep increasing the focal lengths and keep the aperture at f2.8, they'll do something I would consider. 19, 30 or 60mm f2.8 non-macro primes....nah.

The 60mm f2.8 SHOULD BE inexpensive.

120mm or 150mm f2.8? Absolutely. I would be all over a 150mm f2.8.
yeah I question the value of the 60mm if it doesn't do macro it is really too long for portraits and likely not enough bokeh especially considering how good the 45mm f1.8

I agree a long f2.8 prime would be great. My preference would be a 300mm f4.0 or faster but that's just me, I find 300mm is my ideal birding focal length. I suppose a 200mm f2.8 or even the 150mm f2.8 with a TC could fit the bill too.

Fwiw Tamron also announced a 14-150mm F/3.5-5.8 with in lens stabilization which should make the Panasonic crowd happy.
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