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A dilemma for many DSLR users- something smaller that doesn't compromise too much on things...
The P7700 is a nice camera,with a fast-ish lens,a reasonable zoom range- plus all the manual control you could want to hand. Though the small sensor might be a hindrance if you plan a great deal of low light use- as might be the lack of a viewfinder.
The V1 has a bigger sensor and a viewfinder- but no built in flash- and the standard kit lens may be a bit short of the length you require- unless you add the new 10-100 VR lens- which is a little pricey. It also wouldn't be the best lens for low light use- and certainly would require a slightly larger bag..!
Still the AF's perky,shoots great video- and if you don't mind trawling through the menu's,offers plenty of manual manipulation.
A bit "out of the box" maybe- but perhaps if not too large- Panasonic's FZ200 bridge camera might be a handy travel cam' ?
Full manual controls,viewfinder,great movie capture,fast AF and burst modes,fast f/2.8 lens across the whole 25-600mm zoom range- which would aid in low light. It's quite a compelling "all rounder". Yes,ultimately the IQ won't measure up to a DSLR- but there again,neither will a V1 or a P7700...!
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