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First of all I want to thank you for guiding me in this search. I'm going to keep the FZ200.

First of all it met my size and view finder requirements. While the Nikon 1 and Olympus Pen series will probably run circle around the FZ200 with regards to image quality, the ability to do what I want well without changing lenses was the deciding factor. This is a compromise I'm willing to make.

I have spent the last couple of nights shooting pictures of the Cat, Rabbit, and Children in a living room lit with one lamp under a yellow/brown tinted lamp shade. Using the onboard flash the exposure is great. Colors look nice, but it comes out a little flat. I'm sure I can play with the setting more to adjust the depth, but I haven't gone that far into it yet. Without the flash the camera does much better than I expected. If I can keep the ISO at or under 800 the pictures look good. Above 800 or with a long shutter the noise starts to kick in. I'm out of practice with my noise reduction post processing, but I was able to make OK adjustments in the 10 minutes I played with it last night.

The fun starts to come in when you play with the Scene modes. The hand held night mode and the night portrait modes have blown me away. Between the two of those I should be able to turn out the pictures I'm looking for at Disneyland.

If you search YouTube for Graham Houghton, you can find his series of videos on the FZ200. I have watched about 1/2 of them. He has great advice on how to make the most out of each setting. His videos also de-mystified the manual focus for me.

This isn't a great camera, but it is a nice compromise.
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