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Originally Posted by ramcewan View Post
I bought this one and it works and was cheap but.... I wish I hadn't because I now realize a ball head and a plate system would be nice to have. I also realized it wasn't compact enough to fit into my suitcase and I ended up leaving it home when I traveled.

On the other hand I bought a used bogen monopod which came with a ball head and it is great and I have used it a lot because it is light and compact.

So in summary, learn from my mistake, don't go too cheap. Invest in something that will work with quickplates and ball heads.
to finish my thought from above as I had to run out the door.

Because I bought a cheaper tripod I am now going to have to buy a better tripod that will fit in my suitcase and will have the ability for compatible quick release plates so I can have a quick release and go back and forth between the monopod and the tripod.
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