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Default ....there ain't gonna be much for wildflowers and monarchs this year in Texas

The reports out of Mexico indicate the Monarch butterfly migration will be the least it has been for many years if not ever due to the weather and diminished forest (nesting area). Here, the natural milkweed patches are very scarce. Last year we had few monarchs compared to usual and this year looks to be more stressful for all butterflies.

Here, we have continued drought conditions and in our 'natural area' city parks where there is no watering except for rainfall the wildflowers are not happening.

I was out yesterday for a quick walk through one of our natural area parks which last fall looked as if it would be flourishing by now; it is not, the soil dryness there is sad.

My first Bluebonnet of the spring and a couple other plants made the E-P3 and ZD 35mm look pretty good.

The Bluebonnet was about 3-in length, the others approx 1 1/2 inch diameter each.

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