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Originally Posted by MarceloLI View Post

There is more subjects to photograph in Paris, a more photogenic city.

I went to The Louvre Museum and I had chance to use higher ISO's (5000-6000-8000) with the OMD and those looks better than my D600/700. The auto WB of the OMD is very accurate and this is very important because you don't have to use the RAW file to any color correction.

Some pictures of the Louvre:

The following shots are ISO 5000 and I don't see any noise or banding on it:

Thanks for those excellent shots of the Louvre. You've really done it proud. We had a great time in Paris couple of years back but I only took my P&S, little camera.
We got lucky, we didn't know that every 2nd Tuesday of the month is free admision. Just happend to be the 2nd Tuesday..
Went by Metro and they have their own station and no lines to get in. Fabuless place.
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