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Default high speed camera set up for lab, 10K -15K budget

Greetings - I have a decent budget for a camera set-up for a lab to capture slow motion distortion of an impacting object. The main camera will be under a glass plate with a fixed focal zone of about 6 inches. I would ideally like to add a side camera or two to capture images from more angles (less resolution or fps OK for these). I have reviewed videos on-line and I believe I will need to get 100-500 FPS at around 480+ resolutions. I looked at a couple of other post and could not find the right information- but please feel free to send me elsewhere.
We currently use Phantom units in our sports research lab, but my team is looking for something less expensive and easy/quick to use. I have addition budge for a computer, software, additional hardware etc.
Any thoughts or suggestions are beneficial. If there are companies in the NW out there that I can source this too; even better.
THX - Bryan

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