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Originally Posted by kashka View Post
Les,..colour me jealous!..I bet you are going to have great fun with it. Especially now with all the birds slowly coming back to our part of the world.I really noticed alot of red tailed hawks this week.I have been driving thru the marshland north of Gladstone and everyday I see some new arrivals.Still 3 ft of snow there though..I sure hope it warms up soon as those poor guys must be hungry.Coming home tonight I saw blue heron sitting forlornly in the snow along the riverbank.I tried to get some pictures but he was too far away.Your new lens would have been handy..I really look forward to seeing your photos from it!
I'm looking forward to bird photos with the 150-500. This winter in Southeastern Mb . was wonderful for birds of prey.

Great Gray photo's of five....Northern Hawk Owls...over wintering Bald Eagles...all in the Hwy. 15, old Hwy. # 15 and the Seven Sisters- Pinawa area.

Snowy White Owls in Western Mb. were plentiful.

I meant to go to the Mb. Escarpment this winter...some of the side roads off Mountain Rd....but unfortunately didn't get out that far west. Never thought of the Gladstone area ...will have to check that out....maybe when the ice melts...for GBH.

I'm not terribly adept with computers (old codger ) and even though my kids have tried to show me how to post photo' far no success.


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