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Thumbs up My thought on the discussions for using a ZD 14-54

............. on the E-P3 (PEN in general) is that if you have one, USE IT.

The Zuiko 14-54 f/2.8-3.5 (I or II) doesn't get great positive remarks from the m43 users but I wonder just how many of these folks have actually used the lens to the extent that they should say the lens 'does not work on the Olympus PEN cameras'.

As everyone in this forum knows I use my full size 43 lenses on my E-P3 with an MMF-2 adapter. These include the 9-18, 40-150, 70-300, 50-200 non-SWD and the 14-54 type-I. I do have m43 14-42 & 40-150 and use them too, I will likely get a m12-50 when I upgrade the E-P3 camera.

Everyone including myself knows that the full size 43 lenses take considerably longer to auto-focus than do m43 on the same PEN camera.

But does it take so long that the argument should be that '.....the lenses are not recommended for, or, that the lenses won't work on the m43 cameras'. For myself who does not shoot BIF, fast-moving, non-anticipated happenings the argument does not apply.... so I encourage usage, if one has them, of the 43 lenses on the PEN cameras should your style for photography fit. The lenses too add a lot to the 'handling' of the small cameras when one has large hands, I do.

As for camera/lens size, I use Think Tank models 5 and 7 bags. It all depends on the photographer whether the miniscule hardware sizes of the m43 packages warrants black listing the larger 'FT' lenses.

Particularly I read that for the ZD 14-54, the type-I is not acceptable, phooey on that notion.

Here are some images I made a couple days ago to support my comments here in favor of the type-I ZD 14-54 on my E-P3.

....exposure mode 'M' shot at various focal lengths, all were Auto Focus


....w/EC20 - 28mm @ f/[email protected] 28mm -- f/8

....w/EC20 - 28mm @ f/[email protected] 108mm -- f/8
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