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Originally Posted by Hawgwild View Post
Then of course, when I click on the link, the message is not there. Is that because the admins/mods are too quick? lol
Not always. But, since I'm subscribed to this thread, I got the e-mail with the new post content, too; and immediately removed it and banned the poster.

It's too bad that a spammer would resort to posting to a thread like this. But, I've removed a number of spam posts to this thread in the past (including the most recent one being discussed, which was more obvious than some that are only including spam links in signatures) and it's likely to happen again.

If you see that kind of thing in the future and I haven't removed it yet, please just use the report button (the icon you'll see at the bottom of every post here) and let us know that it's spam in the report reason box that comes up. That way, we'll get an e-mail with a link to the offending post with that info.

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