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Chris Hadfield. That's hitting close to home. Chris Hadfield is from Milton. My daughters attend the PS named after him.

There was also a link up with Chris Hadfield from the Ontario Science Centre where he sang a song with kids around the world a week or two ago. A song that he co-wrote with Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies.

Here's a link to one of the versions . . .

My daughter was one of the choir attending the Ontario Science Centre hook-up and she ended up getting on the news with her friends after that.

Edit: My daughters have been running around the house singing Is Somebody Singing. <grin>

Chris Hadfield has been very high profile and completely accessible with hook-ups with schools all over the place. Promoting science, space exploration and the arts!

I hear that Sarah Brightman is aiming to make it out to space and perform as well.
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