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Yes, it is a very fun place to shoot.

The hardest part of shooting there is your eyes, as in you cannot wear sunglasses and see the EVF (or back LCD for that matter). I had sunblock on all over and a hat to protect my head, but after 2-3 hours at a time on that surface without protection your eyes start really bothering you. Make it 2-3 hours twice a day for three days and I actually came home a day early I had had enough.

Exposure-wise, manually set your white balance to daylight. Auto white balance will mess with the coloration at the end of the day when the low sun creates the warm glow on the sand and daylight white balance will capture that. AWB will balance it out and take away what you're looking to achieve. As far as actual exposure goes, the live finder plus the live histogram makes that relatively easy, especially when you manually set your ISO. I was also using manual exposure, so if I wanted the scene brighter, it was just a matter of setting a longer shutter speed, or making the shutter speed faster to make the scene darker, all while watching the histogram. The slow zooms made manipulation via aperture a little difficult since they are slow to start with. Like any landscape, I exposed the scenes to not overexpose and blow highlights, relying on what I saw more looking at the histogram instead of the EVF itself which becomes quite contrasty in light like that (you really cannot judge shadow detail at all), then did what I needed with the shadows in post-processing since the E-M5 files are so good.
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