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Most cell phone video is not as good as a cheap hybrid, yet, because they use inferior sensir chips, and compression quality, I don't know , but imagine it is less quality per data and less data rate. Even my $49 camera is probably better than most cell phones.

What is better is the pocket stills camera now, though the cheap ones maybe worse. So we are being eaten by both ends.

I think we have been be trade by manufacturers, with mostly lackluster models, too similar to previous models when the leading edge of the tech that could go into a hybrid has moved to ultrahd. Where is the ambarella IOne chips, where is the ambarella 4k chips, how come they are not around for so long. Ambarella has real competition coming, waiting for high end placement is not going to get them very far, when android chip sets can eclipse them, for more power and more data rate maybe, but in the end that little extra power won't matter.

Fishy, for new name and focus, look at my previous suggestions. Video on stills, rc and phone are good combinations of the new edge of tech. I don't think I ever advocated that the forum remain hybrid just because 4k utrahd is coming, hybrid will be just one choice.


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