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G'day Deb

In ruff-n-ready terms, each camera will focus across a certain distance range during its normal everyday use. However, as the amount of zoom increases, to the closest focus distance increases away from the camera as well

By pressing the yellow-flower, a small change is made inside the zoom lens to permit the lens to focus closer [rather than far away], but that close-focus distance will also increase as you zoom

All the camera manual will say to you is bland stuff like ...
"Focus Range:- approx 30cm - infinity [1x] ~ 2m - infinity [12x]"
"Macro Range:- approx 7cm - 2m [1x] ~ 2m - 4m [12x]"

In other words, to get 'real-real' close you need to be using 1x zoom, but as you are actually in wide-angle mode, you will see / record lots of stuff out to the sides of the subject also. However, if you back off a bit [maybe 30-40cm] and use more zoom, the subject will still be in macro range but you will now only have the actual subject with little or no extra stuff at the sides.

Hope this helps a bit
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