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Originally Posted by robbo View Post
I have an FZ200 and I also have a Sony A65 with a Sony 18-250mm lens. That comes out to something like 27-375mm on that camera.
I like them both. I obviously get better resolution with the A65 (24 Megapixels vs 12 Megapixels). However, I think there is less distortion on the FZ200. You probably wouldn't have much distortion on the 70-400mm lens that TCav is recommending, but I think you would have it with the Tamron 18-270mm lens. It's not enough to bother me, but if you are a kind of visual perfectionist, it might bother you. Whatever camera you get, you might also think about getting Adobe Lightroom 5, which has some nice features which reduce/eliminate geometric distortions.
If it were me, I would get the Sony A58 with the kit lens, and the extra 70-400mm lens that TCav recommended. However, there many other cameras that could fit your bill, too.
Please note the "elimination" of "element". Darn, I should have proofread more carefully.
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