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well there is the little thing that
we might now even exist without Sony capital

as to things tradeable with Sony
yes the 5 axis ibIS probably the dustbuster and more
still theres plenty going on with Sony cameras that are a little less than perfect, if you thought Zuiko was expensive check out Sony FF some day.
Then we could add Oly management and its irrational decision base which has been wanting for some time.

I can see the Sony guy on the board using that Sean Connery kind of voice...
"you mean to tell me you have an entire system of lenses out there, probably the finest sub full frame system available, and you dont have a camera newer than 3 years old to hang on them?"

[Japanese men in suits quickly look at one another] "Japanese proverb say, “Bird never make nest in bare tree.”

Im hoping that the new sensors that also come with this deal, possibly future pdAF and so said 15 stop DR for 2014 will be also be a worthwhile advantage.
If not I might quit the photography business and go work for MI6!
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