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Originally Posted by Scouse View Post
I asked about this because my buddy's D600 has an in camera 2 photo merge.

Handy in some cases but why just 2 I ask?

Just had a quick look at Ononeo. $59 for the home edition. I've tried a lot of the free ones but they all turn out really muddy looking, then you have to work at setting them right. Might just have to do it.

7-14 hmmm that's pretty wide. Looks like you get your use out of it. With good results.
dependence on jpegs doesnt work out so well with other marques

you can trial Oloneo

7mm is very wide, and to be honest I probably overuse it a bit. But there are times when you need it, like those 5ft x 6ft bathrooms,

very tight frontages.You just 'have' to show some aspects but the proximities can be really tight leaving you with 10ft or so or be over a cliff

or too pull off some effect in a very confined space that just helps people understand the arrangement of rooms they are looking at

IMO you just have to have solutions to these problems, how you use them is pretty much up to you

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