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Originally Posted by lomitamike View Post
true tone flash
I caught that in the release. It'll be interesting to see if you can get manual control over that and maybe do something like the ColorSplash as in the Lomo cameras?

Originally Posted by lomitamike View Post
Now if they could only make them durable to where they don't break when dropped. I have seen too many newer iPhones get the shattered screens from falls only 3 feet high.
My daughter cracked her iPod touch. We got it fixed . . . but after that its lived its life in a Griffin case.

Originally Posted by lomitamike View Post
eMaybe waterproofing them up to the depth of a toilet would save quite a few also.
Yeah. What is up with that? I know 3 people that have either dropped their phone in the toilet or bathtub. Anywho . . . all of them I told them they should go look at the LifeProof (TM) case. That's if they want to keep dropping their phones into the toilet.

Take care, happy shooting!

My daughter just joined me as I was adding the Smilies and said I "had" to add the one with the camera. <grin>

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