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Good point about the software. I've always heard that Snapseed was one of the best photo software programs for mobile devices - is it available for the iPhone?

I don't have to think about the iPad question as I already have one along with a 17" MacBook Pro, and an 11" MacBook Air (for times when I want a computer but not a heavy one. It only has PSE6 and LR3 on it, though I've thought about upgrading it to LR5 and leaving the Pro at LR4, since there's a reason I don't want to upgrade it to Lion). It was great having a small camera, the MacBook Air and a portable Thunderbolt hard drive on my recent trip to B.C., where I had plane changes in Vancouver. And it wasn't such a big deal to throw in the iPad also. I never did end up listening to the audiobook I was listening to on the iPod, though I had thrown it along with a set of Bose headphones in the computer bag at the last moment.
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