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Greg - great set and really enjoyable to view.

Of the first set I really like number 4 of the roots, it looks to me like a thousand souls intertwined in a writhing mass reaching up from the earth, just really cool composition. Also 7 captures those long rays really well and number 11 gives an enchanted feeling to the woods.

Of the second set 2 and 3 are really nice compositions of light, I like 5 for the twisting bark of the tree, but gosh it is just not possible to get wide enough to capture the whole thing, might be worth trying a panorama? Number 7 gets real close to the whole tree perspective and has a nice dizzying feel to it, looks a little HDR-ish around the where the sky is visible between the foliage, that or a longer exposure with some wind blowing.

Thanks for sharing and glad the trip is going well.
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