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Default calibrating compact camera autofocus after lens replacement

I have a technical repair question. I have fitted a replacement lens on a Canon PowerShot sx210 but it will no longer autofocus at the wide angle setting (the lens focussed fine when matched with its previous motherboard / logic board). The same thing happened when fitting a replacement lens unit on a powershot SX200 and an SD780 (Ixus 100). Yet I have successfully fitted new lens units on older Canon compacts with no issues. I assume the autofocus on these more recent cameras is somehow software calibrated in tandem with the motherboard. Is there any way to do this manually as a DIY exercise? I know it can be done on SLRs, but is there a workaround for compact cameras? I do quite a few camera repairs but obviously I have a big gap in my knowledge here. I'd be very grateful for any ideas or suggestions.
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