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AMG wrote:
ok thanks a lot, so one may be better offto capture with as little noise as possbile and edit insoftware. I had a feeling it may be something like this, thanks for clarifying

Maybe there is something lacking in my technique, but it doesn't work that way for me. It seems that when I shoot at a lower ISO and pull the shadow detail out of the weeds I induce at least the amount of noise I would have gotten had I just shot at the higher ISO. If I want to make a big print or blow up a small section I just apply Neat Image.

ISO seems to work about the same way as film. Increase the sensitivity of the CCD and you get more noise. Increase the sensitivity of film and you get more grain. I have a film scanner and scanning ASA 400 negatives gives worse grain than the noise from ISO 400 in my digitals. I really need Neat Image to print them larger than snapshot size.

I think a DSLR does better at higher ISO than most film. Wouldn't bet my house on that though. Part of that for me might be that film scanners accentuate the grain. Film might compete equally if you stay within the photographic process.
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