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Just think of all the times you will get to see the score in game 6 that wasn't counted now that the team lost. Calgary got shafted, but I still take a perverse relish thinking of constant reruns of "what should have been".

The Lightening played aggressively until the power play score in the last period. I thought they were mostly hanging on from then – probably because the Flames really stepped it up. I think the announcer was right at the end of the game when he said that nobody lost that series. Both teams played their hearts out.

This isn't hockey country like Calgary. Half of the people watching the game probably couldn't properly define "off sides" (raises hand). It wasn't like winning the Super Bowl. There was a lot of horn blowing, but not the big commotion. Even the Super Bowl was subdued down here in terms of damage – a psychologist on public radio said we probably just don't know how to act since we never won a major title before. I was in downtown Philadelphia a long time ago when they won the Stanley Cup and felt I should run for cover. I felt it odd that the group of Canadians hired to wear Flyer jerseys beat the group hired to wear other jerseys could cause such commotion – but it is easy to be objective when you are an outsider. The Lightening obviously demonstrates all that is good in Tampa Bay.
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