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Hi jjdog2,

nice pic and title !

Another variation might be possible that might even be more effective. I see that you used ISO 400, 1/100, f5.6 @ 18mm. You might try the same shot with a much slower shutter speed to smooth out the water, both from the waterfall and in the pool. You have room in your exposure for f11 to give you two extra stops or even f16 for 3 stops, ISO 200 for another stop, and lengthen the shutter speed to about 1/10 or 1/5 to give you the same exposure. With SR, 1/10 could be done handheld as it's only about a stop under the 1/FL (1/18 handholding Rule of thumb), but you'd have to use pretty good handholding technique).

You could also use an ND or Polarizing filter with the camera tripod mounted to extend the exposure time even longer.This would give the scene a more ethereal look, and might be more effective, I would think.

. . . or not -- the shot is pretty nice as it is. . .

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