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I've posted this question also on the Add-On lenses forum ,part of my post regarding the Raynox 2020-Pro converter used with this camera.Maybe that is not the right place to ask.I'll ask here also.
The problem ( is is a problem?) i have with my camera is that the lens,when fully extended shakes a little bit around.It feels like the second part of the lens got lose somehow.Te camera it's just a few months old.I've took good care of it.If i remember corectly i think it was moving a little bit when it was new as well.Any of you guys are experiencing this ? Is this normal for this camera ?Why do i feel like the lens is too fragile to take any kind of weight on it ?( like teleconverters).
I've tried a SONY VCL-1452H from my Mavica,and now the Raynox 2020-Pro.Raynox is a lot lighter,but even so i can shake the whole assembly around quite a bit.
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