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Scoot - I'm going to disagree a bit with your advice. A huge step in moving from snapchat to photography is actually putting some thought into a shot. In this instance, if that building is what catches the eye THEN WALK so the framing is tighter. Move around. Take several shots from different angles.

The truth is: very, very, very few individuals just have an inborn talent to see and capture immediately a fascinating image right on the spot. I'm certainly not one. And, there probably isn't one active member on this board that is. Most people that capture compelling images put quite a bit of effort into it.

The problem with the OP isn't that he needs a better camera it's that he's not putting any effort into it yet. He's in the snapchat mentality and that almost never comes up with a compelling photo.

The OP actually needs to put some more thought into the image - think about what is compelling and also what is distracting about the image. Then, the challenge becomes how he can capture and highlight what it is that is compelling to him in a way that others will see it.

I will say this: he is taking one very positive step forward by seeking feedback on his photos. That is difficult to do. And, it's difficult to hear what people here are saying. But, it's a big part of getting better. Friends and family are really horrible at helping you improve. Every shot to them is "a good shot" because you took it.

To the OP: if you're really interested I suggest you do a couple things:
A) take a class in photography
B) go to the library and take out some books - hardcopy is still nice for this type of thing because you can post-it mark pages and page back and forth rather easily. And, of course, books in the library are free.

The technology of today's cameras is easy. What's difficult is photography - so a book written in the film era is still relevant today.

You can also look online for photographic results that are compelling - architectural photography or street photography whatever. Get some ideas about composition and timing from others that are a little further along in their development.
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