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Originally Posted by sumx4182 View Post
Sure, I know it GETS colder than 50, but my comment was still regarding her idea of cold versus our idea of cold. Texas gets snow on occasion, but I also bet they are bundled up at 50 when I would still be wearing shorts.

It will start warming up in April...the winter clothes will start to go away once the temps consistently stay in the 50's during the day. lol
You're right, cold is all relative. For example, I live in the coldest city in the world...with a population over 600,000. It's known colloquially as 'Winterpeg'.

Right now , last time I checked (this am) it was -27 C.

Ford has a big facility in my province to do their cold weather testing on their vehicles. If a vehicle can survive a winter can survive anywhere.

But frankly, I find sometimes incessant cold periods (weeks) of -25 to -35 C get's to be too much. Even dressed for it it's still too cold at times.

At these times I would rather be in Arizona, during the winter.,d.aWM

But our summers are hot and our spring and fall are beautiful, albeit short.

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