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Default A possibly silly question

I recently purchased a 7i - I LOVE IT - and have spent the last few days exploring its capabilities and staring in amazement. My, how things have progressed over the last three years of consumer / prosumer digicameras.

My question is this: I will be shooting a series that consists of a model who has a cold. We would like to be able to get several profile close-up shots of the spray / mist that comes out of her mouth with her coughing (sort of a twist on the clinical stills of this sort that we used to see in textbooks). Would any of you have any suggestions as to how I should approach executing these types of shots? Lots of controlled light and a fast shutter speed, of course, but I'm not entirely sure about how best to light for this kind of effect. I don't imagine that direct backlighting is the answer. Any tips?

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