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Very interesting thread. Some things I've done to protect privacy is quit using google for search. Use DuckDuckGo or StartPage because they don't record your searches. If you're hooked on google search results use StartPage because it sends your search to google the way scroogle did before google sued scroogle out of business. Install AdBlockPro (or one of it's forks) in you browser. Install Ghostery to block about 1500 (yes 1500) different tracking cookies and other privacy threats. Install Better Privacy to delete the LSOs or what are know as Flash or Super Cookies that have no expiration dates.

AdBlockPro, BetterPrivacy and Ghostery all do different things and so play well together installed in your browser. I don't notice a performance hit but can't vouch for older machines.

I loath not owning my apps and will minimize my use of the cloud as best I can. It's hard though when it comes to sharing photos with family and friends. All the stuff we share on Steve's is in the cloud if you get my drift. All we can do is try to remain educated to the threats and don't make it easy for the insurance companies (or anyone else) who would use our information against us. Don't just give it to them.

Couple more things. If Adobe doesn't release a new standalone version of PS I guess CS6 will be my last. It has way more functionality than I ever use anyway. As you might guess, I don't have a facebook account. Sorry, Zuckerberg.
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