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Default A related thought

One thing I do a lot in my spare time is converting audio (magnetic) tapes of teachings, to uncompressed digital audio files for preservation. I do this by playing the tape into a Marantz professional digital recorder, which stores the file on a Compact Flash card. If the teaching is longer than an hour, the WAV file gets close to a Gig in size. When I transfer the file to my desktop for editing, the transfer over a USB-2 card reader takes about 2 minutes.

2 minutes doesn't sound like much but when you do it often enough you end up wanting to speed this up. (Same goes for dumping a bunch of raw images from our cameras.) So I added USB-3 boards to the computers I'm building (you can add USB-3 to a laptop if it has an ExpressCard slot, which itself runs at SATA speeds).

Sooooo, the first time I downloaded a 1 gig WAV file through the USB-3 CF Card reader, it still took 2 minutes. After a couple of headslaps, I realized that the CF cards I'm using for the Mrantz are the slowest ones you can get since their write speeds are still good enough for the data stream in the Marantz recorders. So I grabbed one of the 400X cards i use in the E-5 and recorded a teaching on it. The download speed to the desktop was 5 seconds - at first I thought it was a failed transfer but no, card speed matters.

Long story short, if you want to dramaticall y reduce the time it takes to transfer ORF files to your computer, add a USB-3 board and card reader, and use fast cards (you probably are already doing that part).


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