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I wonder if the particles might be left over sizing from when the tent and drapes were packaged? There is a coating of some kind on the tent fabric itself that is slowly coming off after repeated unfolding/folding so it could be that as well. Dust is the enemy of this type of photography.

The Green is a piece felt that I picked up at the fabric store. I also have Red and Black. I can think of a couple of things I could do to stop the Green from absorbing so much light. A light spray with Scotch Guard (or the like) would bring up some reflected light. I have plenty of lights so will experiment today.

I like the Tamron lens. If I remember correctly you were the one who suggested it to me. The focus when working manually is silky smooth and stays put when I take my hand away. Most excellent photographic lens.

It is definitely dust. Looking at the other images I am seeing dust from some Cedar boards I ran through the drum sander last week. Evil dust!

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