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Yea... and I don't see myself holding my arm out trying to reach across a desk to swipe on a larger display. :-)

Sure, you can use the new style menu system, apps, etc. with a mouse (or a multi-touch touchpad if you want to use some of the multi-touch features) so that you're not reaching across a desk to get to a larger touch display.

Or, you could use a mouse and still work with the new style apps.

But, from my perspective, the design just isn't as efficient as we already had with Win 7 and earlier Windows releases for use with a desktop and larger display.

As the old saying goes, it looks like Windows 8 is trying to be a "jack of all trades and a master at none", by trying to design a user interface that works with both touch screen tablets and desktops with larger displays.

Some users like the new interface (but not me, and I try to avoid seeing any of the new style screens or using any of the new style apps, which is one reason I have the free Class Shell installed in Win 8.1).
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