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VTphotog and Tcav... both your responses made me laugh from the truth in them.

At this time, what I think I want to shoot are hummingbirds and other birds in my backyard; its hard to know where my real interest lies until I get back out with a camera, (what I do know is I dont need to shoot sports and I dont want to feel responsible for wedding pictures).... I think some macro shots of roses/flowers is probably another interest.

The question that was asked about the lens is what I'm curious about too, when you go to the camera shop most want to help you purchase a camera, not explain what lens you'll need later on and which has the best value... I don't plan on making a living, just want a hobby I can enjoy and be proud of the photographs I take.

I am trying to make an informed decision before I say I do (LOL, that still cracks me up)

I think some of the not knowing what to get is really not knowing what I am going to enjoy photographing; and then not knowing what lenses to get, means it's difficult to know what brand to go with as a hobbyist.

Originally Posted by TCav View Post
What do you want to shoot?

Ergonomics and usability are certainly important, but my preference is to pick a system that has lenses that are good and within your budget for what I want to shoot, and then select a body you like that can use them.

You're talking about Canon dSLRs, and your objection to how the SL1 feels compared to the T5i, so the T5i would be the obvious choice. But if Nikon has better, cheaper lenses for what you want to shoot, the T5i won't help you.

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