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Originally Posted by rKcrafter View Post
At this time, what I think I want to shoot are hummingbirds and other birds in my backyard ...
A typical birding lens is a 70-300. Canon and Nikon both have lenses in that zoom range that cost roughly the same. Of the two, the Canon is slightly better.

Originally Posted by rKcrafter View Post
I think some macro shots of roses/flowers is probably another interest.
Unless you're talking about crocuses, you probably don't need a 1:1 Macro lens, but it wouldn't hurt. Both Canon and Nikon have some very nice macro lenses, but nobody makes a bad one. Many people are quite happy with third party macro lenses, and for good reason. You may be happy with one as well, and third party lens manufacturers make lenses for both Canon and Nikon, so your choice there's won't affect your choice of system.

So considering your lens requirements, I think a Canon would be your best choice.
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