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Originally Posted by Ektachrome View Post
So, what do you think of this shot?
This is SOC and I know I should crop the sign out but I'm lazy.
There are a few things I've learned since I started in this obsession, E. One of them is: you can't be lazy and expect a quality image.

While this is a nice snapshot, it lacks verve and vitality. It needs, indeed, SCREAMS for some PP. The focus seems to be on the leaf to the left of the bloom and, as you mentioned, the signage on the right needs to be cloned out. Needs contrast, USM, clarity, vibrance, saturation, and sharp adjustments.

With the shots I took above, PP took all of five minutes. Capturing the image probably twice that long for lighting, angle, etc.

If these were taken outdoors, I would have still used a tripod and checked the background to ensure anything that would distract from the main subject were removed (IE-signage, debris, etc.)

Here's an example of what 4 minutes PP can do:


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