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Thanks Harg. It's the Panasonic 7-14 and boy is it easier to carry around compared to that massive Zuiko.

I like both cameras. The E-M1's EVF is superior, but the ability to flip the GX7's finder up for low-level shooting is fun, the pin-point AF option on the GX7 is a much more precise AF selection compared to even the smallest AF box option on the E-M1 and Panasonic's implementation of the on-screen digital level is better.

Both cameras are built very well, but the E-M1 is an over-the-top tank compared to the excellent quality of the GX7.

I use manual exposure most of the time these days and utilize the histogram to make sure I'm retaining highlights and the E-M1's histogram is much nicer. The GX7's histogram and small and cramped by comparison.

Both cameras have a definite list of pluses and minuses compared to the other, like the cool silent mode of the GX7, the 2x2 switch of the E-M1 or the lower profile of the GX7 that allows it and a set of lenses to fit better into my smaller bags for ease of carry.

I am torn. I like them both and so tend to flip back & forth. The one trump card of the E-M1 is it's all-weather suitability. When I traveled to the Gettysburg National Battlefield one of the days was a foggy, misty mess for several hours, making the E-M1 the perfect solution for that trip.
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