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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
Hi Ken,

As for posting pics, even though I like to look at the ones my friends post, I generally don't comment, reason being, we've been doing this a long time.
You & I know the photo we've posted is a good one. How many times can one post a response like good great or wonderful job without it sounding gratuitous or phony.

Hi Zig: just my 2 cents of opinion. Always enjoy your comments. I am a former Nikon user, but I don't usually visit the Nikon forum, but just happen to be scanning today and caught your post.

However, I would like to differ somewhat with you. I, for one, am always grateful for comments or feedback, no matter how brief. It is kinda like passing a friend on the sidewalk and at least saying "Hello" as you pass by. Just an acknowledgement can be important. It removes any questions about if the photo was actually seen by others, and that it was at least worthy of a comment or criticism. After all, that is one of the functions of any interactive photo forum. There are plenty of picture sites where one can just look at photos, but comments are not solicited. Anyway, as I said, just my 2 cents worth.
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