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Hi Brian,
Oh yes, I'm quite sure it is overiding my settings. I have little control over any settings when using the on-board macro mode. It pretty much does it's own thing. But when I did the comparison between macro and manual, PIE (Picture Information Extractor) said they were both iso 100. Then I checked what the NR setting was for both modes; and it said -2 for manual and 0 for macro, which to me means that the macro setting would yield noisier images, which it did. It seems to be common knowledge that the native NR setting of 0 produces noisy images, and should be dialed back to -2, which is what I have it set at for manual, but the default, unchangeable NR setting is 0 for macro. I have a suspicion that the noise reduction algorithm (if that's the right term) is the reason for noisier images in the on-board macro.
..... john
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