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Tauseef Vehra
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Zace, Doorhof and Aladyforty... thank you all for your appreciation and healthy comments.

Zace, you are very right, I do like dark backgrounds, specially black. It gives the subject maximum prominance and the skin tones look great with black at the back. That's the reason I mostly use black backdrop. You can say thats a personal liking.

Doorhof, The shoot is already done, so now I cannot try throwing light on the backdrop, however, I will definitely try it in any other shoot. I have modified a pic (below) in photoshop - as you suggested.

Aladyforty, I have mentioned it earlier and I am saying it again, she is not a smoker. It was used for an effect alone. I really do appreciate and respectyour concern about not promoting smoking in phtography. By the way... Thank your for your other comments :-)

I made changes tothe color of the background - in photoshop of cousrse. Better Doorhof?

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